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We are dedicated to educating our patients on causes, diagnostic methods, and treatment of pain. Our pain management specialists believe that a better understanding of your condition leads to better patient outcomes.

Debilitating pain can be a thing of the past with our in-depth, advanced approach to controlling chronic pain.
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What is chronic pain?

Pain that persists for more than three to six months is considered chronic pain. While acute pain from an injury typically subsides after a period of healing, chronic pain persists. When pain is perceived in the nerves, pain signals are sent to the brain, and over time the effect of continuous or chronic pain takes a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health.
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What causes chronic pain?

Injury and illness can cause chronic pain. Psychological problems can also lead to a perception of chronic pain. Pain is a symptom, which tells your brain that something is wrong with your body. You can seek medical attention for the root cause of your pain, but if the pain continues to bother you months later, you may have a chronic pain condition.
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How is chronic pain diagnosed and treated?

Pinpointing the exact cause and location of a patient’s pain is highly dependent on the patient-doctor relationship. Patients need to be completely honest and comfortable talking to the doctor about their pain.
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What is a pain management doctor?

A pain management doctor is a board-certified physician (typically an anesthesiologist) with a subspecialty certification in pain medicine. To earn the subspecialty certification, the doctor must complete additional training and pass a rigorous exam.
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