About Us

At Pain Specialists of America, we provide interventional pain management to those who suffer from chronic pain. Our 13 locations and 3 surgery centers throughout central Texas all share the same goal: To get patients back to living a functional and fulfilling life again. Because at PSA, for every pain, there is a plan.

Our Mission

Pain Specialists of America mitigates pain through exceptional, outcomes-based comprehensive pain management care so our patients may lead active, healthy, and happy lives.
Physician And Patient talking
Physician working on patient

What You Can Expect

At PSA, you can expect the most advanced therapies and diagnostics, identifying and treating the generator of your pain. You can expect a personalized treatment plan designed for your unique circumstances. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all pain management plans. You can expect compassionate, thorough, professional care, from the moment you arrive, throughout your time with us.

Our Vision

We envision an innovative, integrated healthcare ecosystem that provides the highest quality of care by doctors who utilize an innovative, comprehensive pain management approach and serve as an educational platform to break the stigma of pain management. By providing compassionate, accessible, and innovative care to our patients, we improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain a well as positively affecting their family, friends and community.
Physician working on patient
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