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Pain Management Resources

We are dedicated to educating our patients on causes, diagnostic methods, and treatment of pain. Our pain management specialists believe that a better understanding of your condition leads to better patient outcomes.

Debilitating pain can be a thing of the past with our in-depth, advanced approach to controlling chronic pain.
If you’re ready to live life again, please call (855) 876-7246 to schedule an appointment at one of our clinics in Texas or request an appointment online.
Physician holding a spine model

What is chronic pain?

Pain that persists for more than three to six months is considered chronic pain. While acute pain from an injury typically subsides after a period of healing, chronic pain persists. When pain is perceived in the nerves, pain signals are sent to the brain, and over time the effect of continuous or chronic pain takes a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health.
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Patient with knee pain

What causes chronic pain?

Injury and illness can cause chronic pain. Psychological problems can also lead to a perception of chronic pain. Pain is a symptom, which tells your brain that something is wrong with your body. You can seek medical attention for the root cause of your pain, but if the pain continues to bother you months later, you may have a chronic pain condition.
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Physician working on patients back

How is chronic pain diagnosed and treated?

Pinpointing the exact cause and location of a patient’s pain is highly dependent on the patient-doctor relationship. Patients need to be completely honest and comfortable talking to the doctor about their pain.
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Physician working on patients legg

What is a pain management doctor?

A pain management doctor is a board-certified physician (typically an anesthesiologist) with a subspecialty certification in pain medicine. To earn the subspecialty certification, the doctor must complete additional training and pass a rigorous exam.
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PSA Blog

Understanding and Managing Headaches and Migraines: Expert Insights from Dr. Pankaj Mehta
Migraine attacks and headaches are often confused, but they are distinct conditions. A headache refers to general head pain and can vary in intensity and duration. Migraines, however, are a specific neurological condition characterized by […]
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Understanding and managing Nerve Pain After Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide
Post-surgical nerve pain, also known as neuropathic pain, can be a challenging aspect of the recovery process for many individuals. Whether you've undergone spinal surgery, joint replacement, or other procedures, understanding the causes and management […]
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 Understanding Fibromyalgia: A Holistic Approach to Managing Chronic Pain
In the realm of chronic pain conditions, fibromyalgia syndrome stands out as a complex and often misunderstood disorder. Through the insights of dedicated healthcare professionals like Maheen Arastu, we gain a clearer understanding of fibromyalgia […]
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Empowering Wellness: Holistic Approaches to Managing Stress and Chronic Pain
As an advanced nurse practitioner at PSA James Casey in Austin, Kaycee Frederick specializes in administering injections to the shoulders, knees, and other areas of the body, addressing trochanteric bursae, migraines, and more. She works […]
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The Pain Management Journey
Jacob R. Caylor, MD, DABA, DABPM Pain medicine has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years. We’re in a much more advanced space now, with new therapies becoming available every day. However, these […]
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What Does A Pain Management Doctor Do?
Pain management doctors – physicians who specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pain – have advanced training that qualifies them as your best source of treatment if you are experiencing any type of […]
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Central Texas Pain Center and Pain Specialists of Austin are now Pain Specialists of America
In a move that’s created a network of fifteen clinics and ambulatory surgery centers, Central Texas Pain Center and Pain Specialists of Austin have merged under the name Pain Specialists of America. This network includes […]
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Why Chose an ASC Over a Hospital
Things You May Not Know About Why We Use an Ambulatory Surgery Center Ambulatory surgery centers, known as ASCs, are health care facilities that provide outpatient surgical care, with no overnight stay required. Recent advances […]
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When Your Phone Becomes a (Chronic) Pain in the Neck
Once a way to make phone calls, our mobile phones have become our resource for virtually everything we do: get directions, listen to music, take and share photos, search, shop, socialize, and, yes, even make […]
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A System for Managing Your Pain all Year
Living a life with chronic pain can be complicated. Pain not only affects you, but it can also affect your friends and family, and potentially your work productivity. It can impact every aspect of your […]
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Interventional Pain Management vs Pain Management
What Is Interventional Pain Management? According to Dr. Pankaj Mehta, our Chief Medical Officer, “The priority of interventional pain management (IPM) is finding the root cause and interrupting the pain cycle. IPM is an ideal […]
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Chronic pain and suffering – A form of disarrayed electric signals in the body
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates as many as 100 million U.S. adults suffer from chronic pain. More alarming was that 8 percent of U.S. adults (19.6 million) reported having high-impact chronic […]
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