Getting a cancer diagnosis is a shock, to say the least. The C-word is a word no one wants or expects to hear, but it is an unfortunate reality to far too many people. Cancer can also be a genetic disease, meaning some are born genetically predisposed to developing certain types of cancer. People with hereditary mutations have a higher risk of developing the disease more than the average person. Early diagnosis and an increasing amount of treatment options give people more hope for battling cancer, but there can still be a great deal of pain that needs to be managed along the way.

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis, whether metastatic or curable, is devastating and can be hard to cope with no matter what the stage is. One often feels anxious about how to proceed, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and your healthcare team is there to help see you through the tough times.

There is more to cancer care and treatment than simply helping patients survive. Cancer, like any other chronic disease, can cause serious pain that affects one’s quality of life in conjunctions with the disease itself. Pain is an important indicator that something is wrong, and therefore, ignoring it is a bad decision. Early detection of any disease, but especially cancer, is imperative and can save your life or the life of a loved one.

People with cancer often think there is no hope, and that their pain cannot be managed the way other conditions might. In fact, there are pain management techniques specifically catered to those suffering from cancer pain, or the pain associated with certain cancer treatments. If a proper care plan is put into place, it can improve one’s quality of life significantly, and may ultimately save lives. Cancer patients should not hesitate to get the treatment that they need.

At Pain Specialists of Austin, when other methods of treatment fail to provide sufficient, long-lasting relief from cancer pain, it’s time to consult a doctor who specializes in pain management. Our interventional pain management specialists can perform a variety of interventional and minimally invasive procedures, such as injections to help with cancer pain.

We believe the best way to manage your cancer pain will depend on the type of pain you are experiencing, and to what degree. At Pain Specialists of Austin, we mainly use special nerve blocks to keep the pain signal from reaching your brain and inject the area in need of pain relief. Our methods of pain relief are unlike regular methods such as over-the-counter anti-inflammatories because the interventional methods that we utilize. Pain medication injections directly target the source of your pain, resulting in more long-term pain relief.

You might feel that because you have cancer, pain should be an expected side effect that you just need to suffer through. No one should have to live with pain that interrupts their life, especially so when faced with the uncertain and often frightening possibilities that come with cancer treatment. We can help. Call (855) 876-7246 to request an appointment with one of our pain specialists, or request an appointment online.