Spine Discography

Spinal Disc Diagnostic Procedures in Texas

Spinal discs are rubbery pieces of cartilage that separate each vertebra in the spine. They prevent the bones of the spine from rubbing up against each other and various types of nerves. When you start experiencing back or neck pain, there is a reasonable chance that damage to one or more of your spinal discs is responsible.

Discography is a diagnostic tool that can detect damage to the spinal discs. It is frequently recommended for patients who are dealing with:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pain that radiates in the arms or legs
  • Pain that has not responded to less invasive treatments
  • Spine discographies are one of the spinal diagnostic procedures we offer.


What Happens During a Spinal Discography?

A discography is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that takes between 30 minutes to an hour to perform. Your doctor will assess your condition and determine where on the back to perform the discography. Anesthetic will then be applied to that area, and a needle is then injected there. The needle gets as close to the outer layer of the spinal disc as possible. An x-ray is used to assist in this process.

When the needle is in place, a contrast agent is injected into the disc. This contrast agent will allow your doctor to better examine the spinal disc and check for signs of damage. If you experience pain during this procedure that is similar to the pain you’re already dealing with, then this means your doctor has likely found the source of your pain and a more direct treatment plan can begin.

Experienced Back Pain Physicians

Our physician team is highly experienced in treating all types of back pain conditions. Knowing what’s causing your pain is critical for creating an effective treatment plan, which is why a discography is a recommended procedure for patients with hard-to-locate back pain.